Nicki Lemon

Announcing the Paramount’s New Executive Director

The Paramount Center for the Arts (St. Cloud, MN) announces the appointment of Gretchen Boulka as its new Executive Director. Following a rigorous national search and interview process, the Paramount Board of Directors recognizes Gretchen’s expertise and passion, and her skills will undoubtedly contribute to the continued advancement of the historic organization’s mission. Gretchen begins

Meet The Artist -Dede Leither

Paint Artist  Painting, for me, is the choreography of ideas, perceptions, skills and curiosity. While I work predominantly in oils, I am fickle and often mix my media using decoupage, patterned paper and metallic acrylics. Plein-air is a direct and all-consuming mode of work. It is the springboard of the majority of my paintings. However,