Assistance Fund

The Paramount Center for the Arts’ Assistance Fund provides access to our educational arts programming for those who would not otherwise be able to participate due to financial limitations.

About the Assistance Fund:

If you are interested in one of our educational arts programs but have financial constraints, you may apply for a 50-75% reduction in the original price of the event. The cost of class materials, which is often included in the registration fee, is not eligible for financial assistance and will remain the responsibility of the individual. Assistance is offered on a first come, first serve basis while funds are available. Financial assistance can be used for one program per person per trimester (Jan-May, Jun-Aug, Sept-Dec), not to exceed $500 per household for the calendar year. Assistance is not available for registrations that have already been paid. As guidelines of household size and income are included in the application form, individuals will simply designate their position on the chart and will not need to provide records or proof of their financial situation.

How to apply:

Individuals requesting assistance should complete and submit the application below. Once submitted, Paramount staff will confirm the availability of funds and email the applicant with further information.


Email us at info@paramountarts.org.