Encounter <-> Response Exhibtion




The Paramount Center for the Arts is excited to present this intriguing exhibition,
Encounter <-> Response,
featuring the work of Central Minnesota artist Donna Kuhl.

This 20 piece exhibition showcases Kuhl’s incredible abilities and control over colors, textures, and the juxtaposition of two of her favorite mediums, encaustic wax and fibers. These materials create a warm and inviting experience, while presenting unique opportunities for viewers to actively contemplate their responses to each piece. Though the artist impacts part of the response through information such as the title, media used to create the piece, and even the price, the viewer is responsible for most of the work. We each draw upon our own unique experiences, memories, and encounters, which will evoke a different response in each of us!







To view the exhibition click on the piece you would like to see. Additional information is available by clicking the information button within the image
and you can expand to a full screen view by clicking on the outward facing arrows. Enjoy!







Artist Statement From Donna Kuhl


Interactions fill our days.
We respond to what we encounter; what we plan or didn’t expect;
what crosses our paths. 

One might encounter
a person,
a flower,
the weather,
a letter,
a flat tire,
a world event,
a change in community,
an insight into our self. 

We may respond with
action taken,
an emotion felt,
objective observation,
no response at all.
We intentionally or unintentionally alter our perceptions, our opinions,
or distance ourselves completely from the encounter.