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Meet The Artist – Donna Jarve

Donna Jarve – Watercolor Artist Artist Biography: Born and raised in northern Minnesota I was constantly surrounded by the beautiful sights of nature. It’s what has always inspired me and I never get tired of it. There is such beauty in just a simple little weed or a magnificent sunset over one the awesome lakes.

Meet The Artist – Donna Kuhl

Donna Kuhl – Fiber Artist and Quilter Artist’s Bio : Doll clothes were my first stitching endeavors. It ran in the family: my father sold Singer sewing machines and taught my mother to sew. She then sewed everything but shoes. I now sew by hand and by machine, layering various fibers and mediums. I alter the

Meet The Artist – Mary Ellen Schutz Gutknecht

Mary Ellen Schutz Gutknecht Artist Statement: I believe that a piece of the artist exists in everything that they create in a very real way, and I find it very soul-filling when my artwork speaks to–and moves–someone else. Everyone has a touch of artist in them…we can all embellish our own little corner of the world! Artist Biography:

Meet The Artist -Dede Leither

Paint Artist  Painting, for me, is the choreography of ideas, perceptions, skills and curiosity. While I work predominantly in oils, I am fickle and often mix my media using decoupage, patterned paper and metallic acrylics. Plein-air is a direct and all-consuming mode of work. It is the springboard of the majority of my paintings. However,

Meet The Artist – Terri Hess

Fused Glass Artist  I was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Northern Ohio (Elyria). I have a degree in Psychology from Denison University, and a special education license earned at the University of MN. I have been a professional crafter and artisan for over 30 years. As a child I was exposed to many

Meet The Artist – John Caye

John Caye – Wood Artist  After over 40 years in the graphic arts business, I retired to pursue my many avocations, of which wood turning has become a passion. I had access to a lathe since I was 10 years old, and turned many pieces over the years, however, turning artistic bowls became my primary

Meet The Artist – Charlotte Neron

Charlotte – Potter Artist’s Bio : Charlotte Neron Pottery has been my lifelong passion. What started out as making mud pies as a child in rural Sauk Rapids, has evolved into a career built with and around clay. I still get excited knowing each piece of clay holds the power to be transformed into something

Meet The Artist – Mary Ellen Gutknecht

Mary Ellen Gutknecht – Multimedia Artist  I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by nature: endless mountains, roaring rivers, and vast tracts of trees. Although I began my college career at Penn State as an Art Education major, I switched to Environmental Education, a fortunate pairing, as nature and art are always intertwined in whatever

Meet The Artist – Mickey Cunningham

Mickey Cunningham – Painter  Artist’s Statement : Never a creature of habit, sometimes I work from life and sometimes from my imagination. I paint both objectively (mostly landscapes and figures) and non-objectively. Deliberate brushwork and rich color are hallmarks of my style. When I work non-objectively, I let experimentation and discovery rule. Ideas imparted into

Meet The Artist – Spencer Johannes

Spencer Johannes – Potter  Artist statement: My family has a rich history of people working with their hands, which certainly influenced my choosing to work with clay. In striving for balance in my life, I’ve found that working with my hands is a mental exercise that helps me realize a sense of tranquility. Through my