Meet The Artist – Charlotte Neron


Artist’s Bio :

Charlotte Neron

Pottery has been my lifelong passion. What started out as making mud pies as a child in rural Sauk Rapids, has evolved into a career built with and around clay. I still get excited knowing each piece of clay holds the power to be transformed into something new and unique. I focus on creating functional, durable pieces made to be used and enjoyed in daily life. After becoming a grandmother, I also began to add some fun pieces to my collection like snowmen and a Snow Shoe Village.

Each piece is thrown on a potter’s wheel; I am still using my original wheel! Each piece goes through a series of 14 steps including throwing, trimming, waxing, glazing and firing. Pieces are fired in a gas reduction kiln to 2350 degrees. All items are dishwasher safe, ovenproof and lead free.

My husband, David, (a visual artist and art teacher) and I opened Neron’s Gallery when we moved back to the area in 1968.  We were part of the Arts Co-op, in downtown St. Cloud, for over 20 years until his
death in 2015.  I still operate our gallery at 112 North 6th Ave in Sauk Rapids.

I have been honored to have been able to create and make a living doing pottery for most of my life.  I love hearing about my pottery being used at family gatherings from my original customers, and now their
children. The presence of pottery pieces in family traditions and in everyday life makes me feel privileged to be part of bringing people together in a small way. I just celebrated 50 years of “playing in the
mud” and continue to be inspired.