Meet The Artist – Terri Hess

Fused Glass Artist 

I was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Northern Ohio (Elyria). I have a degree in Psychology from Denison University, and a special education license earned at the University of MN.

I have been a professional crafter and artisan for over 30 years. As a child I was exposed to many art forms -my mother and grandmother were both artists. In 1986 I was one of the founding members of the Arts Coop in St. Cloud. I created and sold mixed media decorations, smocked clothing and decorations, hand painted wood, polymer clay, fused glass and beaded jewelry.

After my retirement as a special education teacher in St. Cloud, I became involved with the Paramount Gift Gallery. My current focus is on fused glass- both jewelry and décor and on beaded jewelry. I also teach children during summer camp for the Paramount Visual Arts Center.

Fused Glass Art:

This medium requires a kiln, compatible glass (This is determined by the melting point of the glass. All glass does not melt at the same temperature. This is called COE.), glass cutting tools, and kiln wash/kiln paper. Most of my work starts by fusing 2 pieces of glass that are fused together in the kiln. This can be clear glass, transparent colored glass, or opaque colored glass. I can be embellished with glass pieces, frit (small pieces of glass), glass paint or glass enamels. Sometimes the project can be completed in one firing, but most designs need 2 or more firings. Depending on the desired outcome, the firing temperatures range from 1200 to 1500 degrees.

I have also been a mom, Girl Scout leader, Crafts Coordinator at a Craft’s Direct when they first opened, special education teacher, crafts teacher for community education, glass teacher in the summer camp program at the Paramount, volunteer at the Paramount Gift Gallery, and a grandmother.

I do have an Etsy shop – 6 North Design. My business email is 6northdesign@gmail.com

I am inspired by nature – flowers, beaches and more.

What I love about glass is that it starts as pieces of color and magic happens in the kiln. Sometimes it turns out like you planned, other times you are surprised!