Meet The Artist – John Caye

John Caye – Wood Artist 

After over 40 years in the graphic arts business, I retired to pursue my many avocations, of which wood turning has become a passion.

I had access to a lathe since I was 10 years old, and turned many pieces over the years, however, turning artistic bowls became my primary interest since retiring 20 years ago.

I attempt to approach each piece of a tree with the goal of showing the internal beauty of the wood. I find a challenge I trying to make the most interesting piece out a tree, however, I am excited when many times I am surprised with something completely different and beautiful.

Most of my wood comes from storm damaged trees, and I have a large collection of different species to use in my turnings.

I am honored to be displaying my work at the Paramount Gallery. Come in and see the ever-changing work I have on display.