Portrayals in Paper: Stories Untold || Art Exhibition


February – March 2023

Exhibit will be open to the public beginning March 2 at 10 AM

Visit with the artist on Saturday, March 11 from 11-1 PM during her art reception.

Receptions are open to the public. Light refreshments provided.

That day Nikki will be joined by Robert Snell, Revere Auctions at 12:30PM with an art talk on buying and appraising work. Sign up to have a free mini appraisal between 1-3PM. Learn more here.

A downloadable copy of Besser’s art catalog (coming soon!).

Artist’s Medium – Paper quilling

What is the purpose of paper quilling?

Quilling involves using strips of paper that are rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create different shapes, and glued together to create decorative designs.


Gallery Saint Germain, Main Floor

Mon – Fri || 10am – 5pm and Sat || 10am – 2pm

Always Free to Attend. Always Inspiring.

Exhibition Description: Artist Statement

A deep delve into the art of paper quilling as explored through the inner most musings of the mind’s eye; an adventure into the untold.

Exhibiting Artist: Nikki Besser

The challenge of replicating the existing world into a realistically unique and original concept has always appealed to me and I aim to do so with a twist. I would define my work as a fun mix between realism and surrealism. I aim to bring alive personality traits, convey captivating degrees of emotion, and to preserve certain moments in time as to share the stories of my heart and soul through my use of manipulating and arranging paper. My use of paper in particular in creating the uniqueness of each piece plays the greatest role in the originality of my work. I use hundreds, often times thousands, of strips of paper that are rolled, glued and shaped together in various forms to create original, one of a kind artworks I hope will captivate my viewer with fascination and wonderment for what is possible in the world of creativity, as well as an appreciation for the beautiful things and yet untold stories of this world that continue to serve as sources of inspiration and creative fuel in my work as a story teller. My primary goal as an artist is to give my audience a truly one of a kind viewing experience that will resonate wonder and fascination as they take a deep delve into the art of paper quilling as explored through the inner most musings of my mind’s eye; an adventure into the untold.