Welcome Walter Napiorkowski, Technical Director!

Please help us welcome Walter Napiorkowski to
the Paramount Team! Joining us as the new Technical Director, Walter brings significant experience in the theatre world, working behind the scenes to ensure that all of the lights and sound are just right! In addition to connecting with a myriad of talented people on stage, he is excited to bring his knowledge and positivity to the Paramount!

Find out more about Walter below!

What are you most looking forward to while working at the Paramount? If you’ve had previous employment, where did you start and what are you looking forward to with your new position?

– I graduated from SCSU with a degree in Theatre in 1980, I then worked at the Walker Art center for 7 years honing my A/V and Technical Theatre Skills as the Performance Art Technician.
– In 1987 I was hired by SCSU to Supervise the Theater’s Scenic Studio and became the Theatre Technician and eventually the Departments Technical Director, with the 2019 retrenchment and soon to be demise of the Theatre program at SCSU, I am excited to take on the roll of Technical Director here at the Paramount Center for the Arts, and work with the myriad of talented artistic people.

What is something you do during your free time?

Free time?  (it’s been a very busy December and January)
I most recently performed as Maurice in Great theatres production of Beauty and the Beast. I also enjoy playing tabletop fantasy role playing games, and am currently a game master for an online campaign exploring a multi-level adventure called the “Dungeon of the Mad Mage.”

What was your first show at the Paramount and year? or any special memories about the Paramount that stuck with you?

  • In 1979 I saw Star Trek the Motion Picture from the Balcony here at the Paramount
  • In the late ‘80’s I saw both “Dracula” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” at a crumbling Paramount theatre.
  • In the newly restored Paramount 1998-ish?) I Performed the Roll of MacDuff in the Shakespeare play MacBeth.

What have the arts brought to the community?

The Arts enlightens all those it touches, allowing expression of thought, emotion, and desires to all those involved.

Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

I am also a writer and master of riddles and as such performed for over 35 years as the Wizard for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (I retired from that in 2018, but the riddles live on.)