Mary Opatz Herges || Art Exhibition

“Traversing the Landscape”

January – February 2024


Gallery Saint Germain, Main Level

Embedded in our Gift Gallery (retail store).

Meet the Artist: Reception will be held on Tuesday, February 6 from 4-6PM.

This Exhibition is Free and Open to the Public

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm,

Saturday 10am-2pm

About the Artist

I would describe this body of work as abstract landscapes. Recently I’ve moved away from plein air painting, where I set up my French easel in a pleasing landscape and try to capture the scene in front of me. Instead of slavishly trying to document a setting by putting down the colors, details, and light I observe in nature I’m trusting my instincts to interpret the scene. The finished result may not be realistically accurate but, I feel, is more emotionally charged.

When deciding to leave out unnecessary parts, envisioning a different take on a landscape rather than copying it, and putting colors where I feel they best belong, the paintings become fresher. This move toward abstraction has allowed for much more personal expression. Giving myself the freedom to interpret a scene by using my language has opened a new world of artistic growth.

My inspiration continues to be from what I observe in the great outdoors. The changing colors and shadows, and their effect on surfaces will always be a source of inspiration. Though the final painting may not look like the scene I observe, being in the natural world gives me limitless painting ideas.

Recently, I have been doing etchings and silkscreens in the SCSU art building. The work I’m doing in printmaking is affecting the way I approach painting. I look at the interesting textures I am creating with the variety of techniques used on my etching plate and ask myself, “How do I create that on my canvases?”

This show at the Paramount gallery represents the interesting communication between my etchings and paintings.

Always Free to Attend. Always Inspiring

Email: maryopatz@gmail.com

Download a free copy of Mary’s art catalog to see the entire collection currently on exhibit at the Paramount (PDF).

  • Artwork is available for purchase.

Like what you see?

Consider adding a piece to your collection and supporting a Minnesota artist. All the artwork noted
in this catalog that is on exhibit at the Paramount is for sale, unless otherwise noted.

Purchasing the Work
• Bring this catalog to the Gallery Gift Shop located at the Paramount (right side of the
building facing St. Germain Street). Let the cashier know what item you would like to buy.
• If not today, you can also contact the Paramount at 320-259-5463 and purchase it by
providing a credit card over the phone while it is still on exhibit.

Purchase Location: Gallery Gift Shop (Main Level)

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 5PM, and Saturday: 10AM – 2PM
*Open one hour before most performances

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