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Application’s Open Jan. – Feb 2024

We are planning ahead!

Three Onsite Galleries

Annually, the Paramount Center for the Arts (PCA) features 2 and 3-dimensional work created by Minnesota artists in each of our three onsite galleries. If you would like to propose an idea for an exhibition, applications for calendar year 2025 will be open through this February (2024).

  • Note: If you miss this opportunity, we will open the form again in June – July 2024.

Submit Your Work!

The Paramount would like to invite artists or community members to submit ideas for the following types of exhibitions:

  • Solo artist interested in being featured in one of our gallery spaces (Solo Form).
  • Group collaboration(s) with multiple artists connected to specially curated exhibits around unique and/or relevant content (Group Form).
  • Creative community partnership in which an artist teams up with a non-arts organization(s) interested in cross pollinating ideas (Community Form).
    (We are happy to provide printed forms upon request)

Gallery Saint Germain – GSG (Main Floor, Granite Entrance)
This newly renovated space features almost floor to ceiling windows; visibly connecting the artist’s work to customers shopping in downtown Saint Cloud and onsite in our retail store. GSG was intentionally designed as a flexible space to feature dynamic artwork that fosters community connections and in-person engagement activities.

Lobby Gallery (Main Floor, Marquee Entrance)
The gallery is situated within the historically renovated section of the building. Located between our marquee and ramp entrances, it is the largest of PCA’s three galleries. It offers increased visibility among theatre patrons, mingling onsite during performances or community events; and is best suited to showcase 2D work.

Gallery C (Lower Level, North/Parking Ramp Entrance)
This fully accessible gallery also hosts small private and public events and workshops. Positioned near the PCA’s art classrooms, it is best suited to feature the creative body of work from teachers, students, and regional artists interested in cross-pollinating work by incorporating a variety of mediums, audiences, or engagement opportunities. Beginning in 2022, the Paramount periodically uses this gallery to share the organization’s historical story and feature it’s private collections.

Gallery Saint Germain featuring the work of “Shaping Identity” workshop participants conducted in partnership with the Whitney Senior Center (Gallery Saint Germain, top image). Lou Lou, acrylic artist’s exhibition titled. “Fantastic Occurrences” (Lobby Gallery, middle image). Loretta Bebeau, abstract acrylic artist featured in her exhibition titled, “Lend Me Your Hand”(Gallery C, bottom image).

Our Process

PCA staff works closely with approved visual artists to create a meaningful exhibition. We invest time and resources to professionally showcase artwork through online platforms and in various print materials. Click this link to read commonly asked questions and answers about exhibitions at the Paramount (Question & Answer PDF).

Additional Resources

If you are new to exhibiting artwork, you are invited to download our resource titled, Exhibitions 101 for a few tips on getting your seen, along with an overview of our exhibition process: 5 Steps to Exhibiting.

Connect with our Staff

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