Employee Spotlight: Michelle Kiley

Please help us welcome Michelle Kiley, our Art Exhibitions Curator, to the Paramount Center for the Arts!

Michelle joined the Paramount in October 2021.

“I believe partnerships between artists and community centered organizations, like the Paramount offer a purposeful space to gather among friends, family, neighbors, and community guests. By design, they link individuals to meaningful experiences. I see art as a window into the mind and heart of an artist – reflecting struggles, wonders, fears, and hopes – all captured in a moment in time. As the Paramount Center for the Arts’ Curator, I am looking forward to connecting individuals to artists and their work, as a way of visual storytelling, both onsite and in the community.”


Michelle first learned of the organization years ago when was a student taking an architectural walking tour of the community. She stated, “The renovations to the former Sherman Theatre are breathtaking. To me, the continued investment in the facility emphasizes the community’s long-standing history supporting the arts, and the importance of connecting the past through ongoing arts experiences.”


When asked what they do during their free time, Michelle said, “Several years ago, my father began constructing a small, simple writer’s/reader’s cabin – emersed in nature. It has become a labor of love over the past few months, as my family has been working to finish the next phase of the project before winter sets in.