Artistry Without A Brush

There is no right or wrong way to art! You can be a creator, an appreciator, a buyer, a student. Your art adventure is not a destination, it is an experience. We are excited to present opportunities in a variety of formats that help maintain or expand to meet your interests! 

Art Explorer (Red) 

If you are looking for an introductory avenue to explore the arts, begin with asking questions. What kind of art are you interested in? The Paramount Center for the Arts showcases both visual and performing arts. The Visual Arts can include painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, fiber arts, glasswork, woodworking, and woodturning, and much more. Performing Arts is what you’ll see on our stage that is often performed in front of an audience, including singers, musical ensembles, dances, live performances, and other varieties.

Your Opportunities:

Visit one of our three art exhibition galleries, which are free and open to the public. These spaces showcase the work of artists from around our community and from around the world and rotate on a regular basis! Spend time with the art and find something that speaks to you!

We welcome you exactly as you are! Though shoes and shirt (and pants!) are required, there is no dress code to visit the galleries! If jeans and a t-shirt are your style great, if a tie or 1940’s vintage dress is your fashion statement for the day… great too! 

Gallery St. Germain: Abigail Manneberg 

Historic Paramount Lobby: Erik Jon Olson 

Gallery C: Century Celebration

Virtual Gallery: High School Art