Artistry Without A Brush

There is no right or wrong way to art! You can be a creator, an appreciator, a buyer, a student. Your art adventure is not a destination, it is an experience. We are excited to present opportunities in a variety of formats that help maintain or expand to meet your interests! 

Art Explorer (Red) 

If you are looking for an introductory avenue to explore the arts, begin with asking questions. What kind of art are you interested in? The Paramount Center for the Arts showcases both visual and performing arts. The Visual Arts can include painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, fiber arts, glasswork, woodworking, and woodturning, and much more. Performing Arts is what you’ll see on our stage that is often performed in front of an audience, including singers, musical ensembles, dances, live performances, and other varieties.

Your Opportunities:

Visit one of our three art exhibition galleries, which are free and open to the public. These spaces showcase the work of artists from around our community and from around the world and rotate on a regular basis! Spend time with the art and find something that speaks to you!

We welcome you exactly as you are! Though shoes and shirt (and pants!) are required, there is no dress code to visit the galleries! If jeans and a t-shirt are your style great, if a tie or 1940’s vintage dress is your fashion statement for the day… great too! 

Art Enthusiast (Orange) 

Attend an artist reception and meet the creator of the work you see on the wall. You are welcome to participate in discussion or listen to the artist explain their process and experiences that lead them to the creation of a particular piece or collection of work. This is also a great opportunity to explore a process called critical review; what attracts you to a certain piece of artwork? Does it remind you of a special memory or experience? Consider the seven elements of design: Do you like the colors, shapes, or the textures? 

Like all areas of life, art, know that most individuals are not experts in all art forms. People often specialize in one particular medium while appreciating other art forms. For example you can be a red (Art Explorer) in pottery but a blue (Established Artist) in photography but still appreciate a clay bowl for it’s esthetic qualities.  

Your Opportunities:

Visit an artist reception or artist talk with a friend or family member here. Bring your kids and have a conversation about what they see.

Art Patron (Yellow) 

Visit our Gallery Gift Shop Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm and purchase a piece of artwork to bring home with you! Explore works by over 80 local and regional artists including ceramics (pottery and sculpture), paintings (watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings), jewelry, cards, glass (stained glass and fused glass), writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more!), fiber arts (weaving and crochet), mixed media (combining multiple processes like paper collage and painting), photography, wood arts, and more!  

Buying artwork is an exciting and emotion-based process. Pick up a coffee mug and hold it in your hand, can you imagine your perfect morning brew or hot chocolate with the kids while you hold the mug? If so, it might be the right one for your home! We have artwork ranging from $5 (miniature sculptures and cards) and beyond!   In-person or online Gallery Gift Shop.

Your Opportunities:

Visit our Gallery Gift Shop Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm or Saturday 10am – 2pm and purchase a piece of artwork to bring home with you! Want to explore more opportunities and special sales? Contact Patty, the Gallery Gift Shop Manager at (320) 204-1675 or psoltis@paramountarts.org .

Art Creator and Student (Green) 

If you are ready to pick up a brush (or clay, or wood, or glass, or fiber arts) consider registering for a class! The Paramount Center for the Arts is proud to present a variety of classes ranging from introductory (perfect for people who have little or no prior art creating experiences in a particular medium) to workshops with master level artists. Classes range from one day to multi-month opportunities, visit our website or call to explore what option works best for you!

Your Opportunities:

Established Artist (Blue) 

If you are an established artist looking for opportunities to expand or fine-tune techniques, you are welcome to consider a studio pass or master-level workshop. Or maybe you have developed a technique that you think others might enjoy learning about, contact us to discuss teaching opportunities. Solo and group exhibitions are also an opportunity to explore in one of our three gallery spaces! To learn more: paramountarts.org/exhibitions/

Connect with our Gallery Gift Shop Manager if you would like to sell work on a consignment basis!  paramountarts.org/gift-gallery/

Your Opportunities:

Connect with a Paramount Community Partner Club:

Art Supporter (Purple) 

Support can come in many forms! We are always looking for great volunteers in the Gallery Gift Shop! Or if you are in a financial position to support the Paramount through a monetary contribution, gifts of any size are deeply appreciated. Your support helps keep the arts a vibrant part of our Central Minnesota Community. All are welcome!  

Your Opportunities:

  • Contact our Patty, the Gallery Gift Shop Manager at (320) 204-1675 or psoltis@paramountarts.org . for volunteering opportunities in the Gift Gallery.
  • Donate Directly HERE.