Danniella Mortezaee|| Art Exhibition

July – August 2024


Main Level

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm,

Saturday 10am-2pm

Always Free to Attend. Always Inspiring!

Meet the artists on Friday, August 23rd from 4:00 – 8:00 PM (during the Downtown Art Crawl).

About the Exhibition

“I have recently found myself examining all the materials used in the name of art. I struggle with the waste this habit has created, which made me turn my eye to everyday objects considered trash and look for opportunities to integrate refuse into my art practice.

My current work is all about things that have been cast aside, discarded, and considered waste. Unable to serve any real purpose, I want to make something beautiful of all that unmet potential. My current interest is also in the day-to-day traumas and triggers I face, especially as it pertains to my contributions in my professional career. Diving deeper into the ways we compromise ourselves, be it our time or our values or morals, for the sake of obtaining a paycheck to support ourselves and our families. This work is a primal response in doing whatever need to be done in order to provide for your family.

I also enjoy the process of taking and developing commissioned work. Learning about families, observing their energy and surroundings, and creating something unique has been incredibly fun and rewarding.”

Download a free copy of the art catalog to see the entire collection currently on exhibit at the Paramount.

About the Artist

“I am an Iranian-American artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was interested in creating art in my early adult years, but I leaned in when I found myself in periods of isolation due to COVID-19. Creating art is my way of processing emotions, past trauma, and current triggers, allowing my emotional state to guide my creative process while calming my body and emotions and connecting my internal struggle of harmony and chaos with the outside world. Painting connects me to my physical self, allowing my body to guide me in the creative process by feeling the meditative movement of my tools over the canvas, utilizing unique and innovative materials in nontraditional methods that calm my nervous system back into a normal state.”

Like what you see?

Consider adding a piece to your collection and supporting a Minnesota artist. All the artwork noted
in this catalog that is on exhibit at the Paramount is for sale, unless otherwise noted.

Purchasing the Work
• Bring this catalog to the Gallery Gift Shop located at the Paramount (right side of the
building facing St. Germain Street). Let the cashier know what item you would like to buy.
• If not today, you can also contact the Paramount at 320-259-5463 and purchase it by
providing a credit card over the phone while it is still on exhibit.

Purchase Location: Gallery Gift Shop (Main Level)

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 5PM, and Saturday: 10AM – 2PM
*Open one hour before most performances

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