Angels, Spheres, & Celestial Gears || Art Exhibition


September – October 2023

Visit with the artist on Saturday, September 16 (12 – 2 PM) and Friday, October 20 (4-8 PM with artist talk beginning at 6PM)

During the Downtown Art Crawl

  • Receptions are open to the public.
  • See Ferber’s collection online by downloading a free copy of his art catalog (PDF).


Gallery Saint Germain, Main Floor

Mon – Fri || 10am – 5pm

Sat. || 10am – 2pm

Always Free to Attend. Always Inspiring.

Exhibition Description: Artist Statement

Here’s to all the “Wounded-Healers” out there. We are co-creators with the God of the universe—a power much greater than ourselves, however we personally understand that power. In creation God took dust and formed man and sculpted woman from man. That first man was named Adam or “Adamah” in the original Hebrew, meaning “from the earth”— brown clay. Then, God sculpted Eve meaning “Life” from a bone of Adam’s side. Regardless of your belief system, from dust, from brown clay we have come and to dust we shall return—the circle of life. But, also, LIFE AFTER LIFE! Eternal symbols/GEARS, from all cultures across time. There is HOPE, there is new life, there is eternal life.

Our lives, like fragile pots, can easily become broken. However, BROKENNESS doesn’t have to mean disaster, but can mean becoming a brand new creation. We take all the broken pieces of our lives, give them back to our understanding of the Divine, and that power can make a NEW CREATION, something we could never have become if we had not been broken. We can be more beautiful for having been broken as the “cracks” in us allows the LIGHT to shine into us, and out through us. Our scars can be made beautiful, as we share our healing story to help others going through what we went through.

Perhaps my favorite phrase is: “The Walking Wounded have become the Wounded Healers.”

Download Ferber’s catalog of artwork on display at the Paramount (PDF).

About the Artist: Kenneth Edgar Ferber

I’ve been an artist all my life, from meticulously drawing the Funny Paper characters at an early age, to opting out of advanced math in high school to immerse myself in the arts. Being an Art Major in College and a Religion Minor was the perfect combination, going on to receive Masters Degrees in both Art and Theology. Ceramic Sculpture has been the perfect medium to transition from two-dimensional drawing and painting, to more of a fullness of creating, not limited, but open and free. This exhibit focuses on Eternal Symbols of life and death and LIFE after life, telling stories of Creation, the Circle of Life, and how the Divine breaks into our lives on a regular basis.

Connect with Ferber virtually, peruse his collection of work, including notes about his recent book.

  • Email: beyondhumptydumpty@yahoo.com

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