Welcome Aimee Miron, Director of Community Engagement

We are pleased to announce that Aimee Miron has recently joined the staff team at the Paramount. Aimee is no stranger to the Paramount, having most recently directed GREAT Theatre’s production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Aimee will be leading the Paramount in building a diverse team of volunteers, participants, collaborations, and partnerships using education and community activities.

Find out more about Aimee below!

  • What are you most looking forward to while working at the Paramount? In your previous employment, where did you start and what are you looking forward to with your new position?

As a creative with a background in healthcare, my worldview is centered on the stories and experiences of people. In my role at the Paramount, I hope to find new ways of inviting more people to share in the creative opportunities that abound in our community. I’m all ears for your ideas! Let’s do new and wonderful things together!

  • What is something you do during your free time?

Each weekend, especially in the wintertime, our family loves to cook elaborate feasts, play countless hours of Arkham Horror and Wingspan board games, and laugh while watching improv and comedy sketches on Dropout.

  • What was your first show at the Paramount and when did that happen? Any special memories about the Paramount that stuck with you?

Back in 1996, before the restoration, I had the honor of playing the role of Maria in the Central Minnesota Children’s Theatre’s production of the Sound of Music at the Paramount. Although the theatre was crumbling, I was inspired to pursue a career in the arts because of the magic and love I felt in the space. When our family returned to St. Cloud nine years ago, I began a creative relationship with GREAT Theatre and have directed many mainstage shows at the Paramount. It’s my favorite office in town.  

  • What have the arts brought to the community?

Art exercises powerful impacts by bringing us together in communal spaces and inviting us to engage in meaningful discussions around our identities, our hopes, our challenges, and our dreams for the future. Humans are unique, complex, and amazing creatures, and art catalyzes us to see and celebrate the wonder of our individuality and shared experiences alike. 

  • Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

In addition to my love of theatre, I dabble in the visual arts and my current / lifetime project is embroidering a small section of the Bayeaux Tapestry. The original tapestry is over 200 feet long and my section is a little less than 2 feet long; I think it’s gonna take me a long while to finish it!