Centenary Sculpture

Production is underway!

Join us on Thu, July 15th @8:00PM

for the sculpture unveiling, cookies, and refreshments.


Throughout 2021, the Paramount Center for the Arts will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of St. Cloud’s beloved Paramount Theatre. A sculpture has been commissioned to mark this illustrious milestone. The sculpture is a gift to the city of St. Cloud, MN, from the Paramount Center for the Arts. The work will be installed on the sidewalk outside the theatre, in front of the main entrance within view of the marquee. 

The projected sculpture can be described as an architectural steel form, fitted with facets of stained glass, and lit from within. The public icon will serve as a beacon of pride for the livelihood of downtown St. Cloud as well as a landmark for visitors to visually capture their experience at the historic Paramount Theatre.

“As I consider the 100th year of the Paramount Theatre, I think of a rich jewel, a diamond, created by stress and pressure, enduring, unconquerable, with many brilliant facets of fire. Besides years of music, dance, plays and films, this theatre has seen war, fire, deterioration, and a pandemic. Yet it stands strong and ready to support the community through art, entertainment, and culture for the next 100 years,” said Bob Johnson, Executive Director. 

The featured artist, known nationally and recognized for work as a public art sculptor, emerged from a small focus group of artists gathered to explore the appropriate medium in which to interpret and capture the centennial. Karl Unnasch, whose notions morph into works that knit together sources of collective memory, rendered a timeless and noteworthy work of art for the Paramount. Accomplished by decades of expertise in wood, metal, stonework, and stained glass, Unnasch selected local artists Mary Bruno and Sam Spiczka, to complement his vision and build the creative trifecta to complete the commemorative work.

Artist Websites:

Karl Unnasch  ||  Mary Bruno  ||  Sam Spiczka