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Job Title

Executive Director


12 month – full-time

Functions of the Job

The Executive Director (ED), as the chief staff officer, is responsible to the Board of Directors (Board) for the effective conduct and overall administration of the affairs of The St. John’s Boys’ Choir (SJBC). The ED recommends and participates in Board formulation of the SJBC’s mission, goals, objectives, and related policies. Within that framework, the ED plans, organizes, coordinates, controls and directs the staff, programs and activities of the SJBC. The ED, in collaboration with the Board, plans for the future of the organization and inspires others to support and implement the mission of The St. John’s Boys’ Choir. The ED works to maintain and strengthen communication systems which link the components of the organization.

The ED, as chief staff officer, oversees activities of the SJBC, including but not limited to the execution of contracts, employment of staff and consultants, management of office operations, development of organizational information, liaison to other organizations, and other activities subject to the policies and directives of the Board. The ED shall serve without vote as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of the SJBC.

Duties and Responsibilities

The ED is responsible for the fiscal management of the choir. Fiscal management includes the development of an annual budget, grant development as well as long-range fiscal planning. The ED is the chief spokesperson for the choir and is responsible for maintaining existing resources and building relationships with benefactors. The ED must maintain strong relations and outreach activities with the local community, local arts organizations and other music organizations. The ED must complement the Artistic Director as the visible presence of the choir in Central Minnesota and beyond.


The following minimum qualifications are desirable for the ED:

1. Baccalaureate degree in marketing, communications or related field.

2. Five years of management experience including supervision experience.

3. Experience working with non-profit boards of directors.

4. A background working with children, their parents, and adults.

5. Demonstrated experience in collaborative personnel management, public relations,

fiscal management, development, and grant writing.

6. Demonstrated experience building positive working relationships internally and externally.

7. Demonstrated experience in event planning.


The ED should have strong public relations, fiscal management, and collaborative management skills. Technical skills necessary include the ability to use the Microsoft Office suite, database programs, DonorView and QuickBooks programs. Strong oral and written communication skills are required. Exceptional time management skills and the ability to maintain a calendar with multiple concurring events.

Specific Responsibilities:

Within the limits of the Articles of Incorporation, the bylaws and the policies and procedures of the SJBC, the ED, with appropriate delegation shall:

1. Supervise the staff and participate in the appointment and supervision of all professional and other staff.

2. Be responsible for the overall relationships between the organization and the choirboys, their families, the staff, Parents’ Association and the Board of Directors.

3. Be responsible for the overall climate and cohesiveness of the organization.

4. Be responsible for staff development and volunteer recruitment and coordination.

5. Plan and execute multiple concerts and large events.

6. Accompany the choir on domestic and international tours and run-outs. This can require up to 3 weeks of travel per season.


A background check will be required for this position.

Letter of interest and resume should be submitted to