Layers of Expression (1/11 & 1/25)

Layers of Expression (1/11 & 1/25)

January 11, 2020, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


$125 per person.

with Paige LaDue Henry

Saturdays, January 11 & January 15, 2020

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Two full days immersed in exploring mixed media techniques along with acrylic painting. You’ll  make interesting colorful marks on smaller pieces of canvas and set them aside to dry. We’ll dive into a variety of compositions and plan the painting that wants you to bring it to life. We’ll experiment with color and come to focus on a collections of colors that make your heart sing. You’ll make an underpainting on a larger canvas and collage on it with the smaller canvas pieces you painted earlier. You’ll bring your intention, composition, collage and colors all together and…TaDa!!! What you’ll create will be amazing! All levels welcome.

Materials List:
Paint:  Good quality acrylic paint, middle to professional grade in a full range of colors. Include a large tube of titanium white.

Matte Gel 8 oz. jar (it’s the paste you will use to glue printed papers to canvas). It’s found at the craft stores in the fine art painting supplies isle under brand names like Golden or Liquitex.

Brushes: made for acrylic paints, synthetic and/or natural bristles. Assorted flat, round and filbert in 1”and 2” sizes.

Stretched canvas: 16”x 20” or larger. Preferably 20”x 20” gallery wrapped (that’s the canvas with the 1½” sides.) It’s nice because your finished piece doesn’t need to be framed! Even larger is fine, 24”x 24”, etc.
A few of your favorite mixed media supplies: oil pastels, charcoal, china markers, soft pencils, soft/chalk pastels.
Palette knife
Roll of paper towels.
Plastic tub for water:  like an empty ice cream pail or plastic bowl that doesn’t tip over.
4ml plastic sheeting (from the hardware store). Comes in 25’ roll. Bring the roll.
Scissors and palette knife
Baking sheet: (cookie sheet) cheap one from the dollar store, makes a great palette!
Roll of masking tape
Spray bottle for water.
You’re a few of your favorite stencils and/or stamps.
Your sketch book or notebook to take notes in.
Six sheets of standard copy paper.

Please call with ANY questions…Paige LaDue Henry  320 248-1142

January 11, 2020, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Paramount Center for the Arts

913 West St. Germain StreetSt. Cloud, MN 56301United States

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