Doodle Your Way to Great Art (3/9/2024)

Doodle Your Way to Great Art (3/9/2024)

March 9, 2024, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Doodle Your Way to Great Art
with Suzann Beck
Experience Level: Drawing experience suggested but not required. This workshop is appropriate for beginning to intermediate artists.
Saturday March 9, 9am-4pm (1 session)
Ages 18+ (Please contact us at dsegerstrom@paramountarts.org if you have a younger student interested in participating)

*Class will break for an hour midway, please bring a lunch.

Join professional artist Suzann Beck, for this brand new class at the Paramount!

Art teachers tell you to sketch every day to improve your drawing, but what if your daily sketches and even doodling can help you improve your understanding of 3-D form and spatial perspective? Take this workshop and find out how! You’ll learn freehand drafting like Leonardo DaVinci used to create his inventions, and then apply your skills drawing everyday objects or constructions from your imagination.

Skills you’ll learn include:

  • How to turn a square into a perfect circle and a 3D cube into a sphere
  • How to draw an accurate ellipse
  • 3D analysis and cross sections• Linear perspective and shadow projection
  • Freehand architectural drawing. If the weather permits, we’ll go outside and apply our skills to drawing buildings and the environment.

Please bring the following materials to class:

  • Sketching Notebook, 8”x10” or larger with a nice sturdy backing
  • Graphite Drawing pencil (2H to HB) and pencil sharpener
  • Optional: Sanguine (brick -colored) drawing pencil, or other natural colors
  • Eraser• Black Fine tip pen such as a mechanical/technical pen or micron pen
  • Optional:

Different color micron pens such as grays, tans, or browns to get different effects with your sketching• If possible, pastel pencils in white and flesh to create highlights and planes.

  • A drawing board to clip your sketch book to, if you like
  • A wooden skewer, or knitting needle, or a very fine long brush handle, or similar to use as a comparative measuring tool.

March 9, 2024, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Paramount Center for the Arts

913 West St. Germain StreetSt. Cloud, MN 56301United States
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