Community Health First

UPDATE: 09.08.20


Dear friends, patrons, donors, artists, and community partners,

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our concern has always been for the safety of patrons, performers, and staff. The Paramount Center for the Arts has been shuttered since March 14, 2020, as a result of a necessary closure required to flatten the increasing curve of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Minnesota. Since that time, we have adhered to State and CDC recommendations relative to mitigation strategies around this global pandemic. Throughout the ensuing months, it has been clear that the greater risk of community spread occurs in congregate housing, packing plants, and instances of mass gatherings. Most agree that theaters will be last to open safely after retail, education, transportation, and other arts organizations such as museums and galleries.

As an organization, we have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic by looking forward 60 to 90 days at a time. Shows and classes have been cancelled, postponed, and rescheduled. We have been monitoring the situation daily in the state of Minnesota and following a Risk Assessment Planner which gathers data daily across every county in the US and helps to predict the risk of an attendee having COVID-19 based on the size of the event. Today in Minnesota, with 8531 “circulating cases,” the risk is 19.5% that someone would be infected in a group of 200.  In Stearns County, with the 4th highest number of cases across all 87 counties, the risk is much higher than that.

Given the information above and the observation that schools, colleges, and universities are delaying starts and pivoting from in-person to hybrid education models, we are concerned. Additionally, we see a flattened curve in Minnesota but, at a higher level. Who knows what the fall might bring. This leads us to the conclusion that we will not consider opening the Paramount Center for the Arts for in-person audiences until at least after January 1st, 2021. Rather than be cavalier, we chose to be cautious. Slow, small, and safe will be our approach during this time, and we ask for your support through this period.

Best to all of you.

Bob Johnson

Executive Director



Good day, Paramount Center for the Arts supporters, patrons, staff and teaching artists.

In the arts, we strive for inclusion, equity, and accessibility. Every individual has an opportunity to explore, create and learn about themselves and others, through participating or observing art in its many forms. Art can show us how gifted and beautiful we are and lead us to see the gifts and beauty of others. Throughout this pandemic, we have discovered thousands of people sharing art that brings beauty, joy and compassion to others, whether it’s a violinist playing music from their balcony for their neighbors, or singers combining selfie-videos to create mesmerizing choral collages or famous authors sharing their stories and artwork with children online.

At the Paramount Center for the Arts, we are pressing on. Our folks are rescheduling, postponing, reinventing, and planning the future so that we can carry on our mission. At this point, we have cancelled or postponed all activities through August 31st. The PCA and its facilities will be closed to the public through that time. Next month we will evaluate the situation again and look further out. Much of our evaluation will be based on CDC and State guidelines, and how successful others are, in opening up. Our reopening also has everything to do with our ability to pivot and come up with new ways to operate. Our work at this time is focusing on operating in the future: what resources are available and how we can provide the best health and safety measures needed to welcome guests back. We are reducing our current costs in every way so as to keep a presence in the community without ongoing revenue. Please know that we are still here for you and will come back stronger and more resilient down the road. At this point, we do not know when that will be, but we will be ready.

Until we see you again, be strong, be creative, and take care of those around you.

Bob Johnson, Executive Director



Dear patron, guest, donor, artist and/or participant in the life of the PCA,

How I long for the “good ole days.” I miss standing on stage, welcoming each one of you to a musical performance where the crowd is exuberant and joyful. I miss observing a class where young and old alike are honing their skills in pottery, painting, or woodturning. I miss the learning, the connections, and the inspiration that comes from you.

The COVID-19 pandemic is horrific. People are suffering. It’s hard to imagine a resurgence of art and gatherings of the past. Some days this all feels dark and gloomy. Yet faith, hope and love are abundant in families and communities. And art also remains. It hasn’t gone away and is still essential for making our lives rich. We need simply to find it.

  • On our Paramount Center for the Arts website and social media we have launched a virtual exhibition of our High School Juried show. Please enjoy it at your leisure and look for the announcement of the winners on April 17th.
  • GREAT presents its E-Cabaret on Friday April 10th. I hope many of you join in.
  • Individual artists are singing and showing their work across the internet. Be inspired.
  • How about all those home art projects that families are initiating to share time with the kiddos and create together?

There remain many opportunities to see the beauty and positivity in the world.

Here at the PCA, we are focused on blunting the impact of disappearing revenue. We are watching our available funds and committed to remain open in heart, spirit and online, even though the doors are shuttered and staff has been reduced. We want to be here for you until we can return in full force. And while it won’t be easy, return we will!! While some events, performances and classes have been cancelled, many more have been postponed. We are honoring requests for refunds, but many ticket purchasers are waiting this out, and holding their plans for a later time, when shows will be mounted and classes rescheduled. We are grateful and humbled by those of you willing to donate the price of your tickets back to the Paramount. Thank you all for your faith in us, your ongoing support, and for tapping into the power of the arts.

The “good ole days” won’t be back, but the brighter and better days are around the corner. Be encouraged and know that mercy and time will lead us through this. In the interim, please stay healthy by doing all the right things and caring for those around you.


Bob Johnson

Executive Director

Paramount Center for the Arts

St. Cloud, Minnesota


Update 3.27.20

All events through May 31st have been canceled or postponed. Paramount staff will contact all patrons who have purchased tickets or registered for a class during the closure. The best way to reach the box office is by email: You may also leave a message at 320-259-5463. The building is closed to the public until further notice. Additional updates will be posted on our website ( and social media (@paramountartsmn)


Update 3.20.20

The building and box office will be open Monday – Wednesday from 10am until 2pm. Starting Thursday March 26th the building will be closed until further notice.
Additional updates will be posted on our website and on social media. When it is safe to do so, we will be ready to open our doors and welcome artists and the community back into our facility. For now, look for our posts online with innovative shared arts events and highlights on the arts from around the world. From all of us at the Paramount, stay healthy and be well.
For Paramount monitored updates:

Update from PCA


  • The Visual Arts Studios will close on Wed, March 18th at 5:00pm until further notice.

Update from PCA


  • All Paramount programs and events are postponed or canceled through Monday, May 11th
  • This  includes
    • Theatre performances
    • Visual Arts Studio and Tech Site classes
    • Gift Gallery
    • Exhibits including Gallery St. Germain, Theatre Lobby, and Studio C
    • Community Outreach programs
  • Ticket purchasers and class registrants will be contacted by the Paramount box office.
  • The Visual Arts Studios will remain open Mon-Fri 10am-9pm and Sat 10am-4pm now until further notice. Please use this time to collect work, bring any personal items home, and purchase materials as needed.

Due to the large number of patrons that need to be contacted, we ask that you please wait to hear from our box office regarding your ticket purchase or class registration. We will get in touch with everyone who has made a purchase within the next 30 days. If you need to speak with someone immediately, please contact our box office at or 320-259-5463. Please note box office hours may be limited.


We will continue to post updates on our website at and on social media.

Update from the PCA



At this time, we are closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19 and we will update the community as things change.

Performances and classes planned for Friday, March 13th will take place as scheduled.

Performing arts events planned for March 14th through April 5th have all been cancelled or postponed.

ArtSparks, Dance for All and Arts Underground have been postponed until further notice.

As always, the health of patrons, artists, volunteers and staff is our top priority. We continue to encourage employees and patrons to stay at home when ill. Our facilities are stocked with soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues and our staff and patrons are requested to follow strict handwashing procedures.

We’ve amended cleaning procedures throughout the Theatre and associated spaces with a renewed focus on surfaces and using disinfectant solutions that follow recommendations for COVID-19.  For your information we have posted signs encouraging sneeze and cough etiquette and proper handwashing throughout the building.

Centers for Disease Control, Minnesota Department of Health, and Stearns County Health Department recommendations will be followed relative to cancelling programming or suspending operations of the PCA.

If patrons choose not to attend a performance or class that has not been cancelled, a Gift Card or voucher will be issued for future use.

In the event a performance or class is cancelled, we will contact patrons to the best of our ability regarding donating their ticket purchase back to the Paramount, exchanging to another performance or class, or refunding. Patrons may contact our box office at or 320-259-5463. Updates will also be posted on our website and social media.

Thank you for your continued support of the arts and the Paramount Center for the Arts.


Bob Johnson

Executive Director